Three Free Calendar Apps to Keep You on Track in the New Year

We’re all still busy getting ready for the holidays but 2015 is right around the corner. For many of us it’s the time to assess what changes we want to make in the coming year.

It’s also a time to declare that we’re going to get organized once and for all! To help with that, here are three FREE calendar apps for your smartphone to keep you on time for meetings, coffees with friends and reminders of friends’ birthdays.

Sunrise (iOS and Android)

Sunrise is a fast, effective tool for managing schedules. If you’re a Google Calendar user, for example, the app syncs between the two services in real-time. If you’re on the road, the time zone support automatically adjusts your appointment times to the correct hours.

The app has a fun feature that lets you tag a calendar entry with an icon matching the event, from a coffee date and a meeting.

Most importantly, adding and editing events is a very easy.

Get Sunrise free from iTunes or the Google Play store.

Cal (iOS/Android)

This app is great for helping you stay on track throughout your day. Like Sunrise, it syncs to your existing calendar. It also connects to, which helps you manage daily tasks, so you can link your events to deliverables.

The contacts, maps, and social integration allow you to have your network and location information at your fingertips.

Cal has a minimalist menu which is easy to use and photo backdrops that make dealing with your calendar feel somehow more personal.

Get Cal from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Tempo (iOS)

Tempo is a great tool for helping you stay organized for meetings.  For example, when you add a meeting to the app it lists the invited contacts. When you click on a person’s name, you can get additional information about that person (and their company) from social networks such as LinkedIn.

Tempo also makes it easy for you to find documents associated with your specific event, so you can get up-to-speed on the agenda fast. If you travel for business, your flight and airport information is always accessible.

Tempo has a host of extra features. You can sign up for a free conference phone call via a partnership with Speek, a conference-calling startup, for up to five attendees; post birthday greetings to friends’ Facebook pages from inside the app; check for up-to-date information about flights you have planned and entered into the app; and view maps and directions.

Get Tempo from iTunes.