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Your Marketplace Coverage and Your 2014 Tax Return

Did you know that your health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace may affect your taxes? If you or someone in your household was enrolled in a health plan through the Marketplace in 2014, you’ll need some new information to file your federal income taxes. Here are some tips to help you get going Watch […]

Wearable fitness tracking devices aren’t enough to change habits

Are you one of the 1 to 2% of the people in the U.S. wearing a fitness tracking device? If so, you are on the leading edge of one of the fastest growing industries. But, the bigger question is if that fitness device is really changing your habit? In a recent article in the Journal […]

Getting Ready for 2015? It’s Time For Your Year-End Insurance Review

With the end of 2014 and the start of 2015, I’m sure that you too are amazed that another year has come and gone. I keep wondering where 2014 went and how am I ever going to get caught up! To get a firm hold of the new year, I suggest reviewing your insurance policies […]

Three Free Calendar Apps to Keep You on Track in the New Year

We’re all still busy getting ready for the holidays but 2015 is right around the corner. For many of us it’s the time to assess what changes we want to make in the coming year. It’s also a time to declare that we’re going to get organized once and for all! To help with that, […]

6 Ways to Take the Stress out of Holiday Entertaining

Tis the season for holiday parties and family get togethers.  This may sound like a lot of fun, but it can also create some serious stress in your life.  Here are some tips to help cut the stress so that you too enjoy this festive season. Plan ahead- Lists can make all the difference between […]

It’s That Time of Year – Open Enrollment for Marketplace Health Coverage

Did you know that Open Enrollment for 2015 coverage through the Healthcare Marketplace runs from Nov. 15, 2014 to Feb. 15, 2015? Keep in mind, if you don’t enroll in coverage by Feb. 15, 2015, you won’t’ be able to do so until the next Open Enrollment period the following year. And, if you don’t […]

I’m sick! But is it a cold or flu?

You wake up in the morning achy all over. You know you’re sick but you’re not sure what you have. It could be a cold or it could be the flu?   Well you’re not the only one this happens to. It seems that we often confuse what we have because so many of the symptoms […]

To eat an egg or not?

Did you know that dietitians have eased up on eggs? They used to tell people with heart disease not to eat more than two per week, but now you can eat up to four a week. If you don’t have high cholesterol, diabetes, or another heart condition, you can eat up to six, according to […]

Why an annual review of your insurance is so important

It’s not January 1 yet, but I just wanted to share why I thought you should consider an annual review of your home insurance needs.  And, it’s something you can do any time of the year, not just in January. The benefits of an annual insurance review Many homeowners purchase an insurance policy when they […]

Five Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy on Vacation

You’re finally heading out for that long planned vacation.  You know you’re going to take it easy and indulge in some great meals.  But, you also don’t want to come home and have to worry about the weight you gained or the workouts you missed.  So follow these few simple steps to stay fit while […]

The 9 Secrets to Finding Cheaper Air Fares

The era of cheap air travel is over, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t find deals. It takes patience and planning but there are steps you can take to find a deal that will fit your budget. Buy Early: Especially during peak travel periods, making reservations late can cost you a lot of […]

Aging Parents? 5 Tips to help you transition to helping them with finances

There comes time when roles are reversed.  No longer will mom and dad be telling you that you can’t buy something.  Instead, you will be keeping an eye on them and their finances.  Here are five tips that will help make this transaction go smoothly: Watch for red flags.  Families are unique, and so are […]

9 Simple Ways You Can Help Your Child Jump Start Their College Planning

Did you know that the decisions your high school freshman son or daughter makes can impact his or her college career? They might affect how soon your child goes to college, what type of college he or she attends, and even whether he or she will go to college at all. As a parent, your […]

Life Stages: Here’s A Checklist to Help you Review Your Financial and Insurance Needs

No matter what your situation, your financial success requires careful planning to help ensure your individual goals and needs are met. This checklist is designed to get you thinking about the entire range of your financial needs — not just your investments — so that you can think about planning for financial security even if […]

8 Must-Read Tips to Take Care of Your Dogs During the Summer!

It’s summer time and the weather is ideal for spending time outdoors.  But, just as you take precautions to protect yourself and family from the sun and heat, you also need to take care of the family pet. Here are some tips to keep you dog safe in the summer months. Never, ever leave your […]