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Aging Parents? 5 Tips to help you transition to helping them with finances

There comes time when roles are reversed.  No longer will mom and dad be telling you that you can’t buy something.  Instead, you will be keeping an eye on them and their finances.  Here are five tips that will help make this transaction go smoothly: Watch for red flags.  Families are unique, and so are […]

9 Simple Ways You Can Help Your Child Jump Start Their College Planning

Did you know that the decisions your high school freshman son or daughter makes can impact his or her college career? They might affect how soon your child goes to college, what type of college he or she attends, and even whether he or she will go to college at all. As a parent, your […]

Life Stages: Here’s A Checklist to Help you Review Your Financial and Insurance Needs

No matter what your situation, your financial success requires careful planning to help ensure your individual goals and needs are met. This checklist is designed to get you thinking about the entire range of your financial needs — not just your investments — so that you can think about planning for financial security even if […]

8 Must-Read Tips to Take Care of Your Dogs During the Summer!

It’s summer time and the weather is ideal for spending time outdoors.  But, just as you take precautions to protect yourself and family from the sun and heat, you also need to take care of the family pet. Here are some tips to keep you dog safe in the summer months. Never, ever leave your […]

Hate Exercise? Six Surprisingly Simple Ways to Get in Shape without Hitting the Gym.

No matter where you turn, you hear that you should exercise for at least 30 minutes  a day. Well, what if you’re busy or what if you really hate the idea of going to the gym and sweating with a bunch of strangers?  Here are some suggestions to get you moving. Increase How Much You […]

As Your Insurance Agent, How Can I Help?

Insurance is not a simple topic.  And, it is an ever-changing landscape.  That’s where I come in.  I’m here to help answer your questions about the different types of insurance you might be considering. Even if you have health insurance through your job, there is a good chance you will still need to consider how […]